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Pregnancy Announcement!



We’ve been keeping a bit of a secret around here! We’re pregnant & expecting our little baby #2! We’re so excited to FINALLY announce the news!

The Kinsley Collection- Monogrammed Baby Moccasins Pregnancy Announcement- Big Sister Announcement 

I feel like I’ve been keeping this secret for so many months, but we wanted to wait for the right time to share! Our little family is growing and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Rogan, Party of 4- will soon be the new normal! 

So far, I’m feeling so good! I’m in my second trimester, starting to show a little bump and feel flutters of a healthy baby kicking! We’ve had 2 sonograms – one at 8 weeks and then one at 13 weeks – and also got back our genetic blood test that everything is normal! We feel so blessed!

The Kinsley Collection Monogrammed Moccasins for baby

I was incredibly sick with the first pregnancy that I expected to be very sick this time too! I’ve been pretty lucky to have minimal symptoms and only been sick a handful of times. This pregnancy has been so different from the first ones, it’s made me a nervous wreck that everything is okay! I’m constantly reminded that every pregnancy is so different and to not worry! I’ve had zero aversions (thank God I can still love coffee because I hated it during my pregnancy with Lydia) and hardly any symptoms! I wasn’t too fatigued until the end of my first trimester, so I’ve actually been feeling fairly normal! It has been a pretty seamless pregnancy so far which is great since I’ve got a little to love, a family to take care of, a house to tend to and a business to run!
I had scheduled a pregnancy announcement photoshoot weeks earlier. Wanting to announce our newest family member in the most perfect way possible. I had spend hours searching for ideas. Everything I found on Pinterest had seemed so cliche- a sonogram, surrounded my a calendar; a onesie inscribed with the wording: ”So the Adventure Begins..”. It was all so expected & bland. I needed to come up with something that popped, something unique & fast!! 
After browsing Instagram (as I do much too often, shhhh) I came across an adorable pair of Monogrammed (you know how much I love those little initials on baby clothes!) Moccasins. Now, this was something I could get behind! I contacted the sweet shop owner with an idea, & did she deliver!! 

The Kinsley Collection Monogrammed Moccasins for baby

Not only did she completely customize a pair for Lydia she took my idea & ran with it! Within days, I had received a beautiful pair of GLITTER Suede Monogrammed Moccasins (with Lydia’s sweet name inscribed in the sole) and better yet- inside was her new title- ”Big Sister”!!  

The Kinsley Collection Monogrammed Moccasins for baby

On the day of the shoot- my husband Jason, our daughter Lydia, and I woke up with the sun. I was so excited to share our announcement with the world! We traveled to a family photographer's studio and the entire session couldn't have gone better. Lydia loved her new shoes & we received so many compliments on them! Not only did they create an adorable announcement but also, a precious keepsake for Lydia's baby box. 

The Kinsley Collection Monogrammed Moccasins for baby
I can't convey enough how excited we are to begin this journey as a family of four! Lydia has asked me so often when she'll get to see the baby. At this point in time, I'm not sure who is more excited- her or me! And as always, so excited to share it with you all! Thanks again to The Kinsley Collection for crafting us this special pair of Monogrammed Moccasins! You can grab a pair here