Black Leather Bows - Monogrammed Moccasins

Black Leather Bows - Monogrammed Moccasins

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Talk about high fashion- our black leather bows are flawless and full of flair!  These Leather bow moccs can be monogrammed with any name, quote or font- the perfect first birthday accessory, milestone shoot or play date favorite!

All of our Monogrammed Moccasins are perfectly designed with smooth elastic (easy to get on, but hard for baby to kick off) and quality leather with your little one in mind!

Shoe Sizes By Length and Month-
US Size 0- 3.25" or 0-3 months
US Size 1- 3.5" or 3-6 months
US Size 2- 4.5" or 6-12 months
US Size 3- 4.75" or 12-18 months

Please keep in mind our moccasins run a smidge bigger than the average baby shoe! Like all shoes, these Monogrammed Moccs will show wear and tear after time. They are best for use indoors on new babies or babes that are just learning to walk.

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