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Gender Reveal -Pregnancy Announcement Monogrammed Moccasins

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Announcement your pregnancy or style your favorite big fabulously with our Gender Reveal Monogrammed Moccasins. Available in Gold, White or Rose Gold Leather; Brown, Grey or Ivory Suede Tassels!


Shoe Sizes By Length and Month-
US Size 1- 3.25" or 0-3 months
US Size 2- 3.5" or 6-12 months
US Size 3- 4.5" or 6-12 months
US Size 4- 4.75" or 12-18 months


 Like all shoes, our Monogrammed Moccasins will show wear and tear after time. They are best for use indoors on new babies or babes that are just learning to walk.


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