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Monogrammed Moccasins - Pocket Lace Suede

Monogrammed Moccasins - Pocket Lace Suede

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Dress your little guy in his best with these beautiful and personalized suede lace-up baby moccasins! Made to order for your little ones! Perfectly designed with high quality permanent decals pressed by hand. These soft sole suede moccasins are meticulously created with your sweet ones toes in mind!

Monogrammed Moccasin Sizes By Length and Month-
US Size 0- 3.25" or 0-3 months
US Size 1- 3.5" or 3-6 months
US Size 2- 4.5" or 6-12 months
US Size 3- 4.75" or 12-18 months

Length can vary and is approximate! Like all shoes, these shoes will show wear and tear after time. They are best for use indoors on new babies or babes that are just learning to walk.


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